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Elk Mound Seed’s traited corn, we offer 77-104 day corn that can meet any need – silage or grain. Great performance!

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Robert-Wagner-AlfalfaALFALFA SEED

Elk Mound Seed offers five brands of alfalfa seed – Lactator, Mega Leaf, Leader, SuperLac, and Resistor – and two brands of alfalfa mixes. Each alfalfa is adapted for specific conditions.

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The team at Elk Mound seed has recognized a specific need for conventional seed corn hybrids. Many producers have managed to maximize yields and hold down cost with planting conventional hybrids.

Starting at $129



Elk Mound Seed can quote you on any quantity of seed for the 2015 season. Fill out our form and we will contact you about your cost.

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Why should I do business with Elk Mound Seed?

There’s a multitude of reasons to answer this question. Elk Mound Seed is a local, family owned and operated, independent seed company. Because of this, we have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to dealing with our valued customers. To bring you the corn hybrids that work best on your farm, our seed corn lineup is carefully selected from a huge portfolio of hybrids. We have recognized a growing demand for conventional hybrids and you’ll notice our full lineup of high performing non-GMO varieties. We also strive to bring the best performing forages and small grains to the marketplace, all at a fair and honest price.


Elk Mound Seed Corn Program

Our team evaluates thousands of hybrids over multiple plot locations to provide our customers with the best performing hybrids. With access to elite genetics, trait packages and technology, we choose the hybrids that perform the best in our area and offer the farmer the largest opportunity for yield.

Elk Mound Seed can ship a pallet (2,500 lbs) to anywhere in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana) for approximately $80-$100. The shipping location must be accessible by semi and must have have a loader with forks to unload truck.

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