Bird Seed

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Elk Mound Seed offers 12 individual seeds and 6 bird seed mixes. We have only premium seed in our mixes and DO NOT use cheap fillers such as red millet or milo.

Bird Seed Mixes

  • No-Millet
  • Premium Bird
  • Economy Bird
  • Cardinal Mix
  • Songbird Mix
  • Finch Seed Mix

Bird Seed

  • White Millet
  • Black Oil Sunflowers
  • Striped Sunflowers
  • Course Hearts
  • Medium Hearts
  • Fine Hearts
  • Safflower
  • Thistle (aka. Nyger)
  • Peanut Pickouts
  • In the Shell Peanuts
  • Cob Corn
  • Milo

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Want to know what Birds eat what seeds or identify what Birds are coming to your feeder? 

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