Bird Seed

Elk Mound Seed offers 12 individual seeds and 6 bird seed mixes. We have only premium seed in our mixes and DO NOT use cheap fillers such as red millet or milo.

Bird Seed Mixes

  • No-Millet
  • Premium Bird
  • Economy Bird
  • Cardinal Mix
  • Songbird Mix
  • Finch Seed Mix
  • Nuts & Berry Mix
  • Woodpecker Blend

Bird Seed

  • White Millet
  • Black Oil Sunflowers
  • Striped Sunflowers
  • Course Hearts
  • Medium Hearts
  • Fine Hearts
  • Safflower
  • Thistle (aka. Nyger)
  • Peanut Pickouts
  • In the Shell Peanuts
  • Cob Corn
  • Milo

Elk Mound Seed Bird Seed Mixes

No Millet Mix

Premium Bird

Economy Bird

Songbird MIx


Cardinal Mix

Finch Mix

Want to know what Birds eat what seeds or identify what Birds are coming to your feeder? 

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