FAQ's on Enlist E3™ Soybeans

FAQ's on Enlist E3™ Soybeans

Posted by Dave Balko on Jan 29th 2022

Though it feels like we’ve been talking about Enlist E3™ soybeans forever, the fact is, this is a new technology for farmers and that means a lot of questions. Fortunately, we’ve had our eyes on this technology for several years and by this point, we have some familiarity with these products.

Here are the most common questions we are hearing from farmers about the Enlist E3 soybean system:

Q: Have all export requirements been met?

A: Yes. Enlist E3 soybeans have full approval from all key importers of U.S. soybeans. Every major elevator we’ve spoken with in our region has agreed to purchase Enlist soybeans this fall.

Q: Can I spray Liberty on Enlist E3 soybeans?

A: Enlist E3 soybeans are tolerant, and always have been, to Glyphosate (Roundup), Glufosinate (Liberty) and 2,4-D Choline.

Q: Why should I consider trying Enlist E3 soybeans?

A: Enlist E3 soybeans incorporate the newest genetics with good agronomics, a full maturity spectrum, and they provide excellent weed control with an easy to use herbicide. The Enlist system is very flexible and fits any farmer’s operation.

Q: Are there Enlist soybeans available to purchase this year?

A: Yes! Elk Mound Seed jumped on the Enlist E3™ Soybeans this year and we're excited to be carrying four, high-yielding varieties to help you control weeds more effectively for 2021.

Q: Do Enlist E3 soybeans out-yield Xtend?

A: Yes and No. Every field is different. But after reviewing both plots and seed production fields, we believe the varieties that incorporate the newest traits (Enlist, Xtend, LLGT27) show yields that are on par with each other.

Q: Will Enlist E3 soybeans be affected by Dicamba drift?

A: Yes. Enlist E3 soybeans are no more tolerant to dicamba than a Liberty variety.

Q: What are the top weeds controlled by Enlist?

A: Enlist herbicide works very well against Waterhemp, Common & Giant Ragweed, Volunteer Canola, Marestail and Lambsquarters. Liberty still provides excellent control of Kochia.

Q: What is the difference between Enlist Duo and Enlist One?

A: Enlist Duo is the herbicide mix of Glyphosate and 2,4-D Choline. Enlist One is the standalone 2,4-D Choline herbicide that can be tank-mixed with many different herbicides. Check out for more information.

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