Elk Mound Wildflowers

Brussel Sprouts Seed

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Green mini-cabbages with golden interiors, present a flavor tangy, nuttiness, and buttery richness.

  • 90 Days R.M.
  • Sow seeds from spring to early summer in the north; in the south and other frost-free areas, sow from fall to spring.
  • Sow 3 seeds every 18", ¼–½" deep, in rows 30–36" apart; thin to 1 plant per spot.
  • Keep evenly moist. Water gently.
  • 10-21 days to germination

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Additional Information

Seed Rate::
Sow 3–4 seeds/in. in 20 " rows in outdoor beds ¼" deep. To maintain steady growth, the crop should be well fertilized and irrigated in dry weather.
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