Conventional Seed Corn


Why does EMS devote so much towards conventional seed corn hybrids? The team at Elk Mound seed has recognized a specific need for conventional seed corn hybrids. Many of the northern producers, where we focus most of our attention towards, have managed to get by with conventional hybrids and chemicals. These conventional products have the same yield potential as our traited hybrids.

Conventional Seed Corn Hybrids

Elk Mound Seed Corn 7700

  • High yielding, ultra early hybrid
  • Has the height to make a great early silage
  • Healthy hybrid from planting to harvest
  • Excellent drydown


Elk Mound Seed Corn 7915

  • Similar genetics to EMS 2168, but earlier, better drydown
  • Excellent late season standability
  • Excels on moderate soils
  • Top notch hybrid for the north
  • Kernel processor recommended



  • Outstanding roots and stalks
  • Excellent plant health paired with good stress tolerance
  • Great test weights and grain quality
  • Exhibits flared husks which promote good drydown


  • Available as untreated
  • Robust, showy plant
  • Rock solid agronomics
  • Great staygreen paired with quick drydown
  • Excellent dual purpose hybrid


  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • Top notch seedling vigor
  • Well adapted from east to west
  • Handles variable and tough soils well


Elk Mound Seed Corn 9100

  • Unmatched yields for both grain and silage
  • Racehorse variety
  • Plant in high yield environments
  • Fantastic stalk strength


Elk Mound Seed Corn 9315

  • Consistently high yields
  • Widely adapted across yield environments
  • Great stress tolerance
  • Tolerates high populations
  • Excellent silage option


  • Excellent performance across soil types and yield environments
  • Very good staygreen and late season intactness
  • Great ear flex with girthy ears
  • Superb silage quality and tonnage


Elk Mound Seed Corn 1040

  • Unmatched yields for both grain and silage
  • Fantastic all around hybrid
  • Tall plant with well above average yieldsmakes excellent silage
  • Adaptable and handles stress well
  • Great all around agronomics


*All conventional seed corn is sold in 80,000 kernel units. All seed corn for the 2018 season will be sold with a seed applied insecticide (unless available as untreated) – CruiserMaxx 250.
Cruiser_OSR_CMYKFor complete information on CruiserMaxx 250 seed applied insecticide visit Website.


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