Conventional Seed Corn

Why does EMS devote so much towards conventional seed corn hybrids? The team at Elk Mound seed has recognized a specific need for conventional seed corn hybrids. Many of the northern producers, where we focus most of our attention towards, have managed to get by with conventional hybrids and chemicals. These conventional products have the same yield potential as our traited hybrids.

"*All conventional seed corn is sold in 80,000 kernel units. All seed corn for the 2022 season will be sold with a seed applied insecticide (unless available as untreated) – CruiserMaxx 250." needs to be added under the menu bar on the left

Crusier Max Corn 250

For complete information on CruiserMaxx 250 seed applied insecticide visit Website.

  • EMS 8519 | 85 day

    EMS 8519 | 85 day

    85 day | Great Yields on Variable Soils | Seed Corn Hybrid Excellent performance across variable soil types Nice grain quality and test weight Great ear flex with late season husk flare Tolerant to a wide range of plant populations

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  • EMS 8599 | 85 day

    EMS 8599 | 85 day

    85 Day | Workhorse Variety with Racehorse potential 85 Day R.M. Available as untreated Robust, showy plant Rock solid agronomics Great staygreen paired with quick drydown Excellent dual purpose seed corn hybrid Tech Sheet

  • EMS 8919 | 89 day

    EMS 8919 | 89 day

    89 Day | Exciting Dual-Purpose Seed Corn Hybrid • Strong agronomics with good roots and stalks• Consistent producer across all yield environments• Great plant health• Good test weights with great drydown Tech Sheet

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  • EMS 1049 | 104 day

    EMS 1049 | 104 day

    104 Day | Stable Hybrid with No Drama 104 Day R.M. Fantastic all-around seed corn hybrid Tall plant with well above excellent yields Adaptable and handles stress well Great all around agronomics Excellent silage tonnage and quality Tech Sheet

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  • EMS 9315 | 93 day

    EMS 9315 | 93 day

    93 Day | Dual Purpose Flexibility 93 Day R.M. Consistently high yields Widely adapted across yield environments Great stress tolerance Tolerates high populations Excellent silage option Sold by seed count - 80,000 kernels/bag Tech Sheet

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  • EMS 9590 | 95 day

    EMS 9590 | 95 day

    95 Day | Excellent Yield Punch Excellent performance across soil types and yield environments Very good staygreen and late season intactness Great ear flex with girthy ears Superb silage quality and tonnage Tech Sheet

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