Elk Mound Seed

  • Buck Forage Oats Buck Forage Oats

    Buck Forage Oats

    Attracting whitetails during the hunting season is our highest priority. We do this with the world’s greatest, most Winter tolerant oats ever developed. This is food plot seed of the highest quality, and is hand-picked by Dr. James C...

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  • Canola Food Plot Seed Canola Food Plot Seed

    Canola Food Plot Seed

      Canola is a tremendous draw for whitetail deer, particularly after the first hard frost.  Being a member of the brassica family, the starches in canola turn to sugar following a hard frost.  This reaction makes the plants incredibly...

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  • Sun-Shade Lawn Mix Sun-Shade Lawn Mix

    Sun-Shade Lawn Mix

    Mix contains 40% creeping red fescue, 20% annual ryegrass, 20% tall fescue, 10% Kentucky bluegrass & 10% perennial ryegrass.This is the seed for sunny or shady areas. Shady Mix will adapt to a wide range of soil types and many different moisture...

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  • Stockmaster Mix Stockmaster Mix

    Stockmaster Mix

    35% Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass, 35% Festulolium,15% Late Orchardgrass, 15% Tall Fescue. The top varieties combined in this grass mix are selected for vigorous growth, digestibility and persistence.   The top varieties combined in this...

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  • Spring Triticale

    Spring Triticale

    A close relative of wheat that results from pollinating Duram Wheat with rye pollen The resulting grain is then used in a breeding program to produce stable self-replicating triticale The basic objective in creating this cross is to capture the best...

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  • Orchardgrass


    Moderately hardy, bunch-type grass Regrows quickly and is commonly mixed with alfalfa Performs well with smooth bromegrass and reed canarygrass Seed at 10-15 lbs/acre (4-8 lbs/acre in mixes)

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  • Smooth Bromegrass

    Smooth Bromegrass

    Extremely hardy, long-lived and a well adapted grass Can be grazed and cut for hay or silage Forms solid sod – suitable for roadways and waterways Capable of higher yields under extreme heat and drought Seed at 12-16 lbs/acre (6-8 lbs/acre in...