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BMR (Brown Mid-Rib) Sorghum Sudangrass

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  • BMR (Brown Mid-Rib) Sorghum Sudangrass
  • BMR (Brown Mid-Rib) Sorghum Sudangrass


Livestock weight gain will be significantly higher when switched to this highly palatable super tonnage forage. The BMR gene reduces lignin content in the entire plant, resulting in more digestible body building nutrients. Graze, chop, or round bale.

  • BMR sorghum-sudangrass has all of the characteristics of sorghum-sudangrass, but is more digestible
  • Digestibility comes from the BMR gene, which allows for less lignins in the leaves
  • Grows up to 6-8 feet tall
  • Plant 25-35 lbs/acre drilled or broadcasted

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Additional Information

Seed Rate: Drilled:
25-35 lbs/acre
Seed Rate: Broadcast:
35-50 lbs/acre
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