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Buckwheat Seed

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  • Buckwheat Seed
  • Buckwheat Seed
  • Buckwheat Seed


Buckwheat seed is a great crop for green manure. Buckwheat matures very quickly and provides tremendous weed suppression.  Buckwheat is also does a great job scavenging phosphorus.  Due to its long window of flowering, buckwheat is preferred by beekeepers, making a unique color and flavor of honey.  Expect 2-3 tons of dry matter per acre in decent years.

  • Cool season broadleaf
  • Preferred species by honey producers.
  • Provides excellent weed suppression
  • Quick growing
  • Seed at 50-60 lbs/acre, 3/4" deep
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Additional Information

Seed Rate: Drilled:
50 lbs/acre or 3 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft.
Seed Rate: Broadcast:
75 lbs/acre.
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