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Buster (Daikon) Radish Seed

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  • Buster (Daikon) Radish Seed
  • Buster (Daikon) Radish Seed


It all starts with the taproot. Seed selected to go into the Badger brand bag has an aggressive taproot that can drill through compaction where steel can not, allowing for root channels for subsequent crops to access much needed nutrients and water. Badger brand radish has significantly more roots than that of rye or rape. Upon decomposition, these roots leave the mined nutrients in the upper 10” of soil where the subsequent crop needs it and it leaves holes in the ground allowing improved water infiltration and aeration allowing water into the soil profile instead of in road ditches and streams. It has been shown that the use of cover crop radish can boost subsequent crop yields with many studies showing yield improvements of 10% or more. Badger brand’s thick leaf canopy can also be used to reduce/eliminate weeds, not only by shading them out during the radish growing season, but also by forming a thin film over the soil after the radish has been frozen out.

  • Large tap root
  • Deep reaching secondary roots
  • Thick upper foliage


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Additional Information

Seed Rate::
Seed at 6-8 lbs/acre drilled alone or at 3-6 lbs/acre in mixes
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