Cover Crop Seed

Our full line of cover crop seed provides a large amount of options to produce results. Whether your cover crop purpose is soil building or grazing our team can develop a strategy with you. We carry all multiple categories of cover crop seed: brassicasbroadleaves, grasses and legumes 

  • Nitrogen Plus Plow Down

    Nitrogen Plus Plow Down

    A mix formulated with two things in mind; Nitrogen fixing capabilities and biomass production. Expect excellent biomass production and more than 2000 lbs of dry matter/acre and as much as 200#/acre of Nitrogen. Seed at 12-15 lbs/acre. 33% Crimson...

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  • Tilth Builder Plus

    Tilth Builder Plus

    Provides excellent weed suppression. Great combination of Nitrogen building and accumulating capabilities. 50% Annual Ryegrass 25% Buster Radish 25% Crimson Clover Seed at 12-15 lbs/acre 1/4-1/2″ depth

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  • Scavenger Plus Plowdown Mix

    Scavenger Plus Plowdown Mix

    75% Buster Radish, 25% Mammoth Red Clover. An excellent mix for scavenging and building nutrients. The radishes will scavenge nutrients below the soil’s surface while the clover will build nitrogen and significant biomass. Mammoth Red Clover is...

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