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Grains & Pea Blends

Small grains and pea blends are excellent quick forage options. Typically planted early spring, pea blends are able to cut and feed in 45-60 days. Our team provides many small grain options and keeps on top of all improved and new varieties. 

  • Buck Forage Oats Buck Forage Oats

    Buck Forage Oats

    Attracting whitetails during the hunting season is our highest priority. We do this with the world’s greatest, most Winter tolerant oats ever developed. This is food plot seed of the highest quality, and is hand-picked by Dr. James C...

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  • Spring Triticale

    Spring Triticale

    A close relative of wheat that results from pollinating Duram Wheat with rye pollen The resulting grain is then used in a breeding program to produce stable self-replicating triticale The basic objective in creating this cross is to capture the best...

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