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New England Aster Seed (Aster novae-angliae)

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  • New England Aster Seed (Aster novae-angliae)
  • New England Aster Seed (Aster novae-angliae)
  • New England Aster Seed (Aster novae-angliae)


New England aster is the showiest of the genus, and stand out on roadside shoulders and ditches from August through late October. New England aster grows in prairie swales, wet meadows, alluvial soils and thickets, low fields in valleys, and moist ground along streams. Prepare a clean weed free seedbed by disking and harrowing or using chemical weed control. Firm the seedbed by cultipacking. Seedbed should be firm enough to allow seed to be planted 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep.Approximately 70,000 seeds/oz

  • 70,000 Seeds Approximately Per Ounce
  • Scientific name: Aster novae-angliae OR Symphyotrichum novae-angliae
  • A.K.A. Aster, Starwort, First flower
  • Color: Purple
  • Bloom Period: Summer, Fall
  • Height: 24″-72″
  • Type: Perennial
  • Moisture: Moderate, Moist
  • Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Approximately 1,100,000 seeds/lb
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Seed Rate::
1 oz covers 2,000 sq. ft. 1 lb/acre
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