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Sugar Snap Pea Seed

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  • Sugar Snap Pea Seed
  • Sugar Snap Pea Seed


The king of edible-pod peas. The sweetest pea with great yields and a long harvest window.

  • 67 Day R.M.
  • 6-7" vines will bear 3" peas that can have double the yield of other pea varieties.
  • Sow 1-2" deep, spaced 1-1/2" apart, in 24" rows.
  • Provide a 6" trellis with a wire mesh for the peas to climb.
  • Plant on raised beds to provide optimal growing conditions.
  • 1,998 Seeds per lb
  • An heirloom seed
  • 6-10 days to germination


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Additional Information

Seed Rate::
Plant 60-90 lbs/acre Sow seeds 1-2" apart in row, 18-24" between rows, 1/2-1" deep.
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