[Farm Blog Feature] A Farmer’s Life Told by Brian Scott

[Farm Blog Feature] A Farmer’s Life Told by Brian Scott

With the growing world of blogging and social media, farmers are taking their stories and agricultural perspective to the masses–giving an inside view into the dedicated world of farming.

One of the blogs that we subscribe to is A Farmer’s Life by Brian Scott. One of Brian’s most recent posts discusses what farmers find themselves doing these days–after the plants are in the ground.

This is a very great viewpoint–as most tend to not know about the amount of work that goes into farming even after the seeds are in the soil and summer has begun. Even at Elk Mound Seed, we experience the hustle of the spring planting season. Now that the planting has been completed, we begin to experience a shift in inquiries and farmer activity. As farmers are out scouting their fields on a regular basis, we also have many farmers getting their quotes on cover crops and cover crop mixes. A farmer’s time is never wasted even post planting…

Once the seed leaves our facility, it’s in the hands of the farmers to make the magic happen. Long days and nights fill the spring weeks for these farmers. What Brian does so well in his Planting is over. Now what do farmers do? blog post is gives candid context into what farmers work on in the post weeks. A few items that made the list include:

  • Making sure that the plants have ample amounts of nutrients to help them grow.
  • Weed management
  • Hauling Grain
  • Prepping for Next Season

Brian’s 2015 Planting video is also a great way for the non-farmers out there to see into the world of conventional farming.

The awareness that farmers are creating when they create blogs and videos like Brian are so valuable for our society to learn of the work and drive of those involved in agriculture and farming. Keep up the work, Brian and all of other blogging, social farmers out there.

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