Farm Seed Testimonials

“Look at the crude protein (21.5% from his feed analysis). This was made from Elk Mound Seed’s 4010 Peas/Barley mix. Large 3’x3’ bales! Just wished I had more of them! Corn is hanging in there.”

Robert W. (Marshfield, WI)

“I was extremely impressed with EMS 1040. It was a showy hybrid from emergence to finish and had some very good staygreen towards the end. The ear size was great and it had the deepest kernels of any hybrid on my farm. EMS 1040 averaged 247 bushels to the acre on my farm this year.”

Andy H. (Stockton, IL)

“Custom corn chopper crew says this is the best corn they’ve seen thus far.”

Darren O. (Mountain, ND)

“I’ve been doing business with Elk Mound Seed for the past 20 years. They furnish me seed corn, alfalfa and forage crops as far as peas and triticale and peas . Very happy with the product and very consistent. They are always there to answer my questions and they are very helpful.”

Jeff P. (Elk Mound, WI)

“My Pilgrim 9100-3000GT averaged 205 bu/acre this past year!”

Gregg J. (Menomonie, WI)

“Our Pilgrim 9100-3000GT looks as good as any corn on our farm. It appears to have great
plant health and I can’t wait to see what the yield monitor on the combine says.”

Rick D. (Cadott, WI)

“The Pilgrim 9100 GT/CB/LL was the best looking corn on my farm.”

Russel B. (Prairie Farm, WI)

“I was very impressed with the Hazlet rye. I saw a 10-15 bushel yield bump per acre compared to VNS rye. Additionally, the standability was much better.”

Doug C. (Chippewa Falls, WI)

“I used 9315, it did very well I also planted 9601 May 12, Harvested Nov 21 @ 20%, 185 BPA Dry. That is the best corn I ever grew.  This was all despite a cold, wet (2X normal rain June & July) year.”

Thane B. (Locke, NY)

“I’ve always been very happy with the quality of the seed and the results. The
conventional hybrids have been working out very well. The EMS 9100 and EMS 9601 have
been very consistent yielders for us.”

Tom B. (Roberts, WI)

“Chippewa Valley Technical College grows around 250 acres of crops each year as part of our Agriculture Programming. CVTC can always count on Elk Mound seed to help assist us with educational programming, cover crop and row crop seed selection, and other agronomic issues as they arise. They have been instrumental in helping us organize our plot each year. I would like to thank Elk Mound Seeds for all that they do for us.”

Mark D. (Chippewa Valley Technical College)

“EMS 8551O had good emergence, great stalks, flex ears, and very nice cobs. It is some of the best corn my farm has seen in a few years”

Lavern Z (Withee, WI)

ems-8599-robinsonTaken in New York on the Vermont border, the EMS 8599 height was great. “The ears were over our daughters head and she’s four feet tall.”
Carmen R. (Eagle Bridge, NY)

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