New-Gen Seed Corn

New-Gen Seed Corn

Elk Mound Seed offers a wide selection of hybrid (both GMO and non-GMO), organic, and open pollinated varieties of seed corn labeled under the New-Gen label.  With New-Gen products, our growers should expect only the highest quality seed and the newest, highest yielding varieties.  We select our hybrids from a diverse germplasm and select for broad adaptability, consistency and of course, yield potential.  With our unique genetic backgrounds and expansive non-GMO options, we believe we have hybrids suitable for any grower in the upper Midwest.

Our Seed Corn Offerings:


With our license with Agrisure Traits, we can offer the most complete and competitive traits the market has to offer.  Paired with industry-leading and diverse genetics and the best traits in the marketplace, the New-Gen brand brings tremendous value to our customers.


Elk Mound Seed has a long history of maintaining a full lineup of conventional hybrids.  With New-Gen's diverse selection of leading genetics, our conventional hybrids bring a lot to the table for our growers.  With the increasing demand for non-GMO products, Elk Mound Seed has begun testing for adventitious presence of GMO events.  These results can be made available upon request.


Elk Mound Seed strives to offer a diverse selection of quality, open-pollinated seed corn.  Open-pollinated varieties are unique because they are not hybrids.  They are a product of years and years of field-selected qualities.  Qualities desired are yield, stalk quality, root strength and plant height.  As long as you do not share the pollen between different varieties within the same species, the corn seed will remain true-to-type every season.  Keep in mind, corn pollen can travel 600 feet or more!


Every year, Elk Mound Seed carries a few tried and true certified organic seed corn varieties.  These varieties will typically range between 85-95 day, have great agronomic, and will have the plant height for corn silage or grain.

To find out more about our seed products, contact us today at 800-401-7333 or message us at

  • PB 6255 VT2P | 92 RM PB 6255 VT2P | 92 RM

    PB 6255 VT2P | 92 RM

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    92 Day | Dual Purpose Flexibility  Traited version of EMS 9315 Outstanding early vigor Yields on any soils Suited for corn-on-corn Excellent silage option Grower must have valid Monsanto stewardship agreement before shipment Register with...