Fodder Seed

A fairly new way of feeding animals, a fodder system allows the grower to feed the entire plant and roots. The fuller plant provides more nutrition and is naturally balanced in protein, fat and energy.

Fodder Rule of thumb is “2% of the animal’s live body weight of fodder per day.” One pound of seed can produce eight pounds of fodder. Can be fed to cows, horse, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens.

Recommended Fodder Seed

Fodder Barley Seed
$18.95 / 48#order-online

  • Extremely respectable for forage
  • Six-row barley
  • Medium size kernels
  • Good lodging resistance

Call for orders over 250#

“This is 7 days of growth of Barley. The Relative Feed Value (RFV) was 167 and was 28.5% protein on a dry matter basis.”