Keystone Winter Peas

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Keystone Winter Peas are are a newer green-seeded winter pea with enhanced winter hardiness.  Keystone winter peas are a white flowered pea which will result in no presence of anthocyanin.  Anthocyanins are bitter and plants that don't exhibit them are generally more desirable to livestock and deer populations.  Keystone will also have better digestibility when compared to other winter varieties, including Austrian Winter Peas.



  • Preferred by whitetail deer over Austrian Winter Peas
  • Great nitrogen builder
  • Very efficient water usage
  • Good biomass production and rapid breakdown of residue
  • Can be planted with annual ryegrass, oats, or wheat
  • Seed 60-100 lbs/acre at 1-2" deep
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Additional Information

Seed Rate: Broadcast:
50-70 lbs/acre
Seed Rate: Drilled:
30-50 lbs/acre
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