MonsterBuck Sustain Food Plot Mix

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Back by popular demand!  MonsterBuck Sustain Food Plot Mix is is formulated to provide high-producing, high-quality browse for your deer herd in the summer months.  Expect this mix to be rocket fuel for your deer herd containing soybeans, field peas, Lab-Lab beans, peredovik sunflowers, cow peas, and buckwheat.  Plant this mix once soil temps are above 60 degrees and the risk of frost has passed.  Sustain Food Plot Mix will be packed with high protein and will be very quick to germinate.  Plant at least 60 days prior to your expected killing frost.

  • Life Cycle: Annual
  • Germination Rate: 10-14 Days
  • Planting Schedule: June through August
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Additional Information

Seed Rate: Broadcast:
40-50 lbs/acre.
Seed Rate: Drilled:
40 lbs/acre.
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