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  • Brassica Food Plot Mix Brassica Food Plot Mix

    Brassica Food Plot Mix

    This newly formulated mix is perfect for the food plotter who is looking for a diverse, late-season draw.  Comprised of 5 northern-hardy and frost tolerant brassica species, this is a mix that will remain green when other plots have frost killed...

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  • Winfred Forage Brassica Winfred Forage Brassica

    Winfred Forage Brassica

    Winfred forage brassica is a cross between a turnip and a kale, generally termed a rape The most versatile of the brassicas, suitable for a wide range of soil fertility and environmental conditions, stock classes, and sowing times Good frost tolerance...

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  • MonsterBuck Gift Package

    MonsterBuck Gift Package

    A perfect gift for your food plot lover!  All gift packages come with 3# of MonsterBuck Annual and Perennial Mix, Clover Mix, Brassica Mix, and a choice of a hat.  The packages with the shirt include your choice of a medium, large, XL, or 2XL...

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  • MonsterBuck Hat MonsterBuck Hat

    MonsterBuck Hat

    Proud of your food plots?  Get yourself some swag!  Our camouflage hat features a Mossy Oak Bottomland front with a mesh back and an adjustable snap back.  The grey hat also features a mesh back with an adjustable snap back.  

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