Brassica Food Plot Seed

  • Turnip Food Plot Seed

    Turnip Food Plot Seed

    Turnips are both cold-hardy and drought-tolerant. They can be planted late-even as a second crop-and provide high-quality grazing late in the fall. Turnip planted in July will provide grazing from September to November. The most vigorous root growth...

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  • Brassica Food Plot Mix

    Brassica Food Plot Mix

    This newly formulated mix is perfect for the food plotter who is looking for a diverse, late-season draw.  Comprised of 5 northern-hardy and frost tolerant brassica species, this is a mix that will remain green when other plots have frost killed...

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  • Canola Food Plot Seed

    Canola Food Plot Seed

    Canola is a tremendous draw for whitetail deer, particularly after the first hard frost.  Being a member of the brassica family, the starches in canola turn to sugar following a hard frost.  This reaction makes the plants incredibly palatable...

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  • Kale Food Plot Seed

    Kale Food Plot Seed

    Cold-hardy producer of high quality nutritious pasture. Desirable pH of 5.5-6.5. Fertilize at 60-80 lbs with Nitorgen, 80-120 lbs with Phosophorus, 60-100 lbs with K. Seeding Depth: 1/4"-1/2" deep in fine textured seedbed. Seed Count: 375,000 per pound...

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  • Dwarf Essex Rape Food Plot Seed

    Dwarf Essex Rape Food Plot Seed

    In late fall after the first deep freeze of the year, a chemical reaction occurs where all the starch in the plant turns to sugar, making rape candy to the wildlife. Dwarf Essex Rape is a major wildlife attractant. Rape contains both high oil content as...

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  • Winfred Forage Brassica

    Winfred Forage Brassica

    Winfred forage brassica is a cross between a turnip and a kale, generally termed a rape The most versatile of the brassicas, suitable for a wide range of soil fertility and environmental conditions, stock classes, and sowing times Good frost tolerance...

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  • Forage Radish Food Plot Seed

    Forage Radish Food Plot Seed

    Forage radishes will attract deer with its lush forage as well as build your soil! In optimal conditions, the taproot can reach down as far as 30", bringing up essential nutrients to the soil surface. Although radishes are best suited as a cool season...

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  • Annual Forage Blend

    Annual Forage Blend

    MonsterBuck's Annual Forage Blend is a mixture of early maturing oats, canola, and turnips. This palatable mix can be seeded in either the spring or fall. When spring seeded, it is a great fit for areas that are newly broken ground. The products in this...

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