Food Plot Mixes

  • Clover Mix Food Plot Seed

    Clover Mix Food Plot Seed

    There is both red and white clover seed in this blend. Clover is tolerant to low pH soils which makes it adaptable to many soil types. Our Clover Mix has 5 different types of clover. Deer will enjoy it for years and all these clovers are perennials...

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  • Brassica Food Plot Mix

    Brassica Food Plot Mix

    This newly formulated mix is perfect for the food plotter who is looking for a diverse, late-season draw.  Comprised of 5 northern-hardy and frost tolerant brassica species, this is a mix that will remain green when other plots have frost killed...

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  • Northern Premium Mix Food Plot Seed

    Northern Premium Mix Food Plot Seed

    Provides warm and cool seasonal forage where intense food plot management is an option. Includes canola, chicory and four types of clovers. Can be interseeded yearly with canola, turnips and chicory. Proven with four winter hardy variety clover, chicory...

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  • MonsterBuck Starter Package

    MonsterBuck Starter Package

    This starter pack contains three of our signature MonsterBuck mixes. 3 lb - MonsterBuck Annual & Perennial Mix (8 species, 6 perennials, 2 annuals) 3 lb - MonsterBuck Clover Mix (5 types of clover) 3 lb - MonsterBuck Brassica Mix (3 brassicas, 1...

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  • Timber 'n Trail

    Timber 'n Trail

    Customers keep asking so it's time to give them what they want!  We have formulated and blended a new mix specifically for logging and woodlot trails.  This 6-way mix's primary purpose is to create trails that are traffic tolerant and will also...

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  • Native Grass Deer Cover

    Native Grass Deer Cover

    We have included 6 different native grasses in this blend to provide both a good food source and great cover next to your food plot. Theses species will get 4-8 ft. tall when established These are long living perennials We will always include 6...

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  • MonsterBuck Screen Mix

    MonsterBuck Screen Mix

      Screen your food plots from unwanted intrusion or utilize it to screen your access to and from your stand locations with our new MonsterBuck Screen Mix. This mix is designed for the purpose of making the wildlife on your property feel safe and...

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  • Annual Forage Blend

    Annual Forage Blend

    MonsterBuck's Annual Forage Blend is a mixture of early maturing oats, canola, and turnips. This palatable mix can be seeded in either the spring or fall. When spring seeded, it is a great fit for areas that are newly broken ground. The products in this...

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  • MonsterBuck Sustain Food Plot Mix

    MonsterBuck Sustain Food Plot Mix

    Back by popular demand!  MonsterBuck Sustain Food Plot Mix is is formulated to provide high-producing, high-quality browse for your deer herd in the summer months.  Expect this mix to be rocket fuel for your deer herd containing soybeans, field...

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