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Phacelia Seed

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  • Phacelia Seed
  • Mature Phacelia plant with flowers
  • Mature phacelia plant with flowers


Our high quality phacelia seed is one of the unsung heroes of the cover crop world.  With it's quick establishment and deep tap roots, it checks a lot of boxes for what makes a good cover crop.  Phacelia is also very pollinator friendly and is highly sought after with beekeepers.


  • Annual broadleaf
  • Grows 12-36 inches tall
  • Prefers full sun and can tolerate various soil types
  • Works well for pollinators
  • Seed 5-7 lbs/acre (2-3 lbs/acre in mixes)
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Additional Information

Seed Rate::
12-16 lbs/acre when seeded alone and 2-6 lbs/acre in mixes
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