Roundup Ready Soybeans


Call for additional information on soybeans. Other varieties and maturities available in pallet quantities.

We have many more varieties available to us than what’s listed on the page. Ratings are based on a 1-9 scale, 9=best

M690 GT – 140k ct. Bag / ASK

  • 0.9 Maturity
  • Roundup Ready 1 technology
  • Bushy bean plant that yields
  • Excellent standability
  • Medium height plant
  • Moderate tolerance for IDC

M771 GT – 140k ct. Bag / ASK

  • 1.7 Maturity
  • Roundup Ready 1 technology
  • A proven performer with Cyst Nematode protection
  • A very adaptable soybean for varying field conditions
  • 1.7 maturity that will yield with the early Group II soybeans
Ratings are 1 being the best 5 being the poorest

BG7110 RR2Y Brand – 140k ct. Bag / $51

BG-7110tech-sheetRoundup Ready SoybeansBioGene-Logo

  • BioGene – 1.1 Maturity
  • Excellent emergence and standability
  • 8.5/9 rating for iron deficiency chlorosis
  • Rag1 gene for soybean aphid tolerance
  • Sem-Bush Plant

BG7141 RR2Y Brand – 140k ct. Bag / $51

tech-sheetRoundup Ready SoybeansBioGene-Logo

  • BioGene – 1.4 Maturity
  • Exhibits “K” gene against phytophthora
  • Great IDC and perfect BSR ratings
  • Extremely competitive yields
  • Medium bush plant
  • Medium height

BG7151 RR2Y Brand – 140k ct. Bag / $51

BG-7151tech-sheetRoundup Ready SoybeansBioGene-Logo

  • BioGene – 1.5 Maturity
  • The complete package
  • Great emergence and stability
  • Wins as an early or late maturity
  • Semi-bush type
  • Received star in 2014 and 2013 UW Trials

BG8210 R2X Brand – 140k ct. Bag / $57

BG-8210 tech-sheetroundup-ready-2-xtend-soybeans-logoBioGene-Logo

  • BioGene – 2.1 Maturity
  • Rock solid performance
  • Very wide plant-multiple lateral brands
  • Movees from MN to WI
  • Large number of pod clusters from middle to bottom of plant
  • Excellent stress tolerance
In today’s fast-moving society, there will always be a growing number of options and opinions. We understand there is a great debate regarding genetically modified organisms and crops, but as a full line seed company we will always strive to give our customers as many options as possible. While doing this, we will try our hardest to provide these options with very little bias. We do not, and will not promote any products and/or technologies over another. Our #1 goal as a company is for every one of our customers to have a positive, enjoyable buying experience.

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