Scouting for Pests in Corn – What to Look For

Scouting for Pests in Corn – What to Look For

A good majority of the crop is in the ground and it’s time to start scouting for weed and insect pests within your fields. The key to managing these pests effectively is being proactive and getting ahead of them before they become a problem. Behind every successful crop is a integrated pest management plan and hopefully these resources can assist you in producing a bumper crop this season.

Crop Scouting Manual (PDF) – A Guide for Wisconsin corn production
This is a wonderful and thorough resource. It includes crop scouting methods and several useful forms.

ID Weeds

This is a great smartphone app (available for Android orApple) built by the University of Missouri Extension. The app guides you step-by-step to help identify yield robbing weeds.

IPM Toolkit
This another smartphone app assembled by the University of Wisconsin. It is also available for both Android andApple. It is very thorough and covers weeds, diseases, and insect pests.

Corn Scouting Calendar (PDF)
This is a document we put together to give a timeline showing when to be scouting for specific insects and diseases.

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