Organic Seed Corn

  • EMS 8599UNT | 85 day

    EMS 8599UNT | 85 day

    UNTREATED Conventional Seed Corn | 85 Day R.M. UNTREATED Conventional Seed Corn - NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC 85 Day R.M. Robust, showy plant Rock solid agronomics Great staygreen paired with quick drydown Excellent dual purpose hybrid

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  • EMS 8571O | 85 day

    EMS 8571O | 85 day

    Certified Elk Mound Seed/Organic Seed Corn | 85 Day R.M. Certified Elk Mound Seed/Organic Seed Corn 85 Day R.M. Medium Tall – Great for silage applications Excellent plant health Great grain quality Good stalks and roots Handles coarse/droughty...

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  • EMS 8721ORG | 87 day

    EMS 8721ORG | 87 day

    87 Day | Reliable Hybrid With Great Grain Quality • USDA certified organic• Impressive yields across varying soil types and environments• Very good roots and stalks• Extremely good seedling vigor and emergence scores• Flares...

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  • EMS 9221ORG | 92 day

    EMS 9221ORG | 92 day

    92 Day | Very Impressive Hybrid with Bottom-End Stability • USDA certified organic• Very stable performance across soil types and yield environments• Tremendous grain quality• Great silage option• Very good staygreen and late...

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