Native Grass Seed

View our extensive collection of prairie and native grasses. We carry three varieties of switchgrass seed, Canada wildrye seed, indiangrass seed, little bluestem seed, big bluestem seed, and sideoats grama seed.  This great selection of native grass and prairie grass seed will help you create your very own natural and native habitat!  

  • Native Grass Deer Cover

    Native Grass Deer Cover

    We have included 6 different native grasses in this blend to provide both a good food source and great cover next to your food plot. Theses species will get 4-8 ft. tall when established These are long living perennials We will always include 6...

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  • Native Prairie Seed Mix

    Native Prairie Seed Mix

    If you’re looking to simplify the process in establishing a prairie on your property, this is the product for you.  Comprised of 6 species of native grasses and 13 flowering forbs, this mix will help bring diversity to your landscape.  This...

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