About Us

Elk Mound Seed Company is a family owned and operated business. Originally a feed elevator for Zutter Elevator’s from 1940-60, it was also known as Elk Mound Feed & Farm Supply. The company has since transformed into primarily a seed company and is still owned by descendents of the Zutters.

Elk Mound Seed offers a wide variety of farm seeds and specializes in non-native seeds that are difficult to find. We also offer seed mixing, which allows farmers to mix and match seed into their own custom mix. With a remodel in 2005 & 2017, the retail store now provides a larger display area for customers.

Elk Mound Seed launched a new line of food plot seed in 2000 and has since expanded into turkey and deer mixes. Check out our other two sites – www.monsterbuckfoodplot.com & www.elkmoundwildflowers.com