About Us


Elk Mound Seed Company is a family owned and operated business. Originally a feed elevator for Zutter Elevators from 1940-60, it was also known as Elk Mound Feed & Farm Supply. The company has since transformed into primarily a seed company.

Elk Mound Seed offers a wide variety of farm seeds and specializes in non-native seeds that are difficult to find. We also offer seed mixing, which allows farmers to mix and match seed into their own custom mix. With a remodel in 2005 and 2017, the retail store now provides a larger display area for customers.


Elk Mound Wildflowers

A subsidiary to Elk Mound Seed, the Elk Mound Wildflower division offers wildflower, grass, and vegetable seed and seed mixing. You can combine different types of seeds to brighten up your surrounding landscape or grow your own garden. Elk Mound Seed offers a wide array of seeds that produce fragrant wildflowers that you help you transform your property into a colorful landscape that you can develop over the years.

We carry regional mixtures that thrive in almost any climate or environment within a  geographic region. No matter what type of soil, slope, drainage, exposure, or rainfall you have in your area, we carry a seed mixture that will grow regardless of the conditions. You can choose from various species of both annuals and perennials.

Let Elk Mound Seed take care of your gardening and planting solutions.


Contact Elk Mound Seed Company

If you are looking for organic seed products for your garden, landscape, or plot, contact Elk Mound Seed Company. We offer a wide selection of seed products for farms and properties across the Midwest. To learn more about our products or to order your seeds, you can browse our website and order online.

You can also contact us at 800-401-7333, or you can message us at