Custom Seed Mixes & Seed Design

If you are planning a seeding that is a larger project or a unique project, Elk Mound Seed can provide a seeding plan design and custom mixing.  We will take into consideration your needs/wants, the environment of the seeding, and your expected project budget.  If the total seed cost exceeds $500, this can be done for no charge to you.  Projects under $500 will incur a $50 surcharge for mixing and consultation. 

Elk Mound Seed and their agronomists’ expertise can help ensure your project is a success.  You will be able to rely on our expansive knowledge on different plant species, how they behave in a seed mix, and how they mix physically as seed.  Our office personnel helps design hundreds of custom mixes each year and our warehouse staff helps execute these mixes with precision.  If you are going to approach Elk Mound Seed for guidance on a custom mix, please consider these things:

  • Total project size in square feet or acres
  • Soil Conditions
  • Are you willing to routinely maintain this site?
  • What is your project budget? Is it realistic for the project size or your objectives?

If you are a business looking for custom mixing or custom bagging, please reach out to us at 800-401-7333 or email us at