Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Starting in the fall of 2019 Elk Mound Seed will be offering soil testing and nutrient recommendation services for our clients. We are hoping an unbiased opinion from a retailer who isn’t selling fertilizer will bring a great deal of value to our customers. As a way of incentivizing and thanking our customers for their business, we will be offering this free of charge to customers who meet certain requirements.

For customers who purchase 20 units or more of our seed corn or alfalfa, Elk Mound Seed will soil test these acres free of charge (2.5 acres of free sampling per bag purchased). Along with the testing service we will provide a nutrient recommendation. These samples will be taken on 5 acre grids and the results will be imported into our precision software. If you want 2.5 acre grids, there were be a $2/acre upcharge.

For customers under this threshold we will still be offering our soil and recommendation services at a very affordable rate.

Soil Testing PackageCost / Acre
pH & buffer pH, Phosphorus (Bray 1), Potassium, Calcium/Magnesium, Organic Matter, and Cation Exchange Capacity $8/acre (5 acre grids), $10/acre (2.5 acre grids)
Individual Elements (S, B, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, Na, Soluble Salts) Composite test, per field basis $1.50/acre

*These services will only be available to customers within a 90 mile radius of Elk Mound, WI

*For sampling done on 30 acres or less, there will be a $65/trip fee.