Grasses have multiple options when used in your cover crop rotation. Some grass cover crop seed provides excellent root growth to prevent soil erosion. Additionally, certain grasses are another good grazing option.

  • VNS Winter Rye

    VNS Winter Rye

    Winter rye is one of the most versatile cover crops. It suppresses weeds extremely well and ties up nitrogen close to the soil’s surface. Extremely productive. Cool season grass Will germinate in soils as cold as 35°F Can handle low fertility...

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  • Certified Lacey Barley Seed

    Certified Lacey Barley Seed

    Lacey has consistently been a top yielding barley since its release. Lacey received favorable reviews for malting and brewing characteristics including high malt extract, low soluble protein, and high alpha-amylase activity. Extremely respectable for...

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  • Hazlet Winter Rye

    Hazlet Winter Rye

    Hazlet is a variety of fall rye with large kernels, improved test weight, high grain yield, strong straw and excellent winter hardiness. It is adapted to the Canadian Prairies and is suited for feed, food and industrial uses. Higher test weight...

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  • Jerry Winter Wheat

    Jerry Winter Wheat

    Control erosion and weeds with this over wintering crop Expect valuable grain with yields of 40-80 bu/acre and excellent straw Fall seeding will yield fall stand with plants heading out in May Seed at 120 lbs/acre

  • Sorghum Sudangrass

    Sorghum Sudangrass

    Warm season grass Excellent biomass producer Supresses annual weeds such as velvetleaf, crabgrass, foxtail and more Has shown some nematode suppression Provides an abundance of high quality forage Seed at 35-40 lbs/acre Buckwheat and cow peas are great...

  • Italian Ryegrass

    Italian Ryegrass

    Cool season grass Fibrous root system that prevents erosion Excellent nutrient accumulator, especially N When mixed with a legume, does an excellent job suppressing weeds Makes an excellent, high quality forage, protein as high as 17% Seeding depth...

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  • Morton Seed Oats

    Morton Seed Oats

    Tall, late oats Best choice for forage or cover cropping No longer protected by PVP Average straw strength, can lodge on heavy soils with abundant fertility Higher yielding than Jerry Susceptible to Crown Rust Not ...

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