Roundup Ready Alfalfa Seed

Elk Mound Seed now offers Roundup Ready alfalfa seed. Available in 50# bags.

Elk Mound Seed Alfalfa Field

Roundup Ready Alfalfa Seed – $399 / 50#


(Price includes tech fee)

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  • Variety – AmeriStand 455TQ RR
  • Enhanced forage quality for better animal performance
  • 34% GroZone® and Apron® seed coated roundup ready alflafa.
  • GroZone® delivers at least 100% more live Rhizobium per seed than preinoculated uncoated seed
  • High resistance to anthracnose, bacterial wilt, Phytophthora root rot, Verticiliium wilt, Fusarium wilt and Aphanomyces root rot
  • Can push to 4-5 cuttings
  • Very fast recovery for frequent harvest schedules
  • Seeding rate: 15-18 lbs/acre
  • Fall dormancy 4.4
  • Very winter hardy 2.0

In today’s fast-moving society, there will always be a growing number of options and opinions. We understand there is a great debate regarding genetically modified organisms and crops, but as a full line seed company we will always strive to give our customers as many options as possible. While doing this, we will try our hardest to provide these options with very little bias. We do not, and will not promote any products and/or technologies over another. Our #1 goal as a company is for every one of our customers to have a positive, enjoyable buying experience.