Brassicas have multiple cover crop options. Grazing, breaking up soil compaction and easy to eliminate are some of their best features. All annuals, brassica cover crops planted towards ends of growing season will ensure growth benefits without the opportunity for reseeding. And certain brassicas, turnips especially, can provide late season forage. 

  • Canola Food Plot Seed

    Canola Food Plot Seed

    Canola is a tremendous draw for whitetail deer, particularly after the first hard frost.  Being a member of the brassica family, the starches in canola turn to sugar following a hard frost.  This reaction makes the plants incredibly palatable...

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  • Kale Food Plot Seed

    Kale Food Plot Seed

    Cold-hardy producer of high quality nutritious pasture. Desirable pH of 5.5-6.5. Fertilize at 60-80 lbs with Nitorgen, 80-120 lbs with Phosophorus, 60-100 lbs with K. Seeding Depth: 1/4"-1/2" deep in fine textured seedbed. Seed Count: 375,000 per pound...

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  • Buster (Daikon) Radish

    Buster (Daikon) Radish

    It all starts with the taproot. Seed selected to go into the Badger brand bag has an aggressive taproot that can drill through compaction where steel can not, allowing for root channels for subsequent crops to access much needed nutrients and water...

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  • Purple Top Turnips

    Purple Top Turnips

    A cool season, annual that is classified as a brassica. A cool season, annual that is classified as a brassica Rapid growth, good for short growing windows Has excellent grazing value late in the season

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