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Certified Antigo Oats

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Antigo is an early maturity variety released from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. Antigo has excellent test weight and high yields. Antigo heads out one day later than Badger and two days earlier than Esker. Antigo is two inches taller than Badger and two inches shorter than Esker and Ron. Lodging is similar to Esker and Natty and less than Drumlin and Vista. It is modestly resistant to crown rust. Antigo has high dehulling efficiency, average groat percentage while is high in protein and oil. The U.S. Plant Protected Variety (PVPA 1994) for Antigo Oats is being applied for at the time of printing. Seed of Antigo can legally be produced and labeled for sale only by growers who have been licensed by the Wisconsin Crop Improvement or its legal agent.

  • Incredible test weights
  • Excellent milling quality
  • Well above average yields

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Seed Rate: Drilled:
64-96 (2-3 bushel)
Seed Rate: Broadcast:
64-96 (2-3 bushel)
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