Roma VF Tomato

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Most common Roma tomato sold in the US. Classic sauce and paste tomatoes. Compact plants produce incredible yields of bright red, very richly flavored pear shaped plum tomatoes weighing 2-4 oz and are 3"L. Traditional paste-type fruits are meaty with few seeds and not much juice. Perfectly suited for canning, cooking and making sauce, paste, puree, soup, ketchup and juice. Delicious enough to eat fresh. Excellent choice for Commercial Greenhouses, Home Gardeners, Market Growers.

75-80 Day Maturity

7-10 Day Germination


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Additional Information

Seed Rate::
Sow in greenhouse 4 - 6 weeks before desired planting date. Allow plants to adjust to field conditions for 48 hours before transplanting. Plant transplants up to 6 inches deep.
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