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Telltale Blue Spray Indicator Dye, 1 quart

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2.50 LBS
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TELLTALE™ BLUE is an industrial strength spray pattern indicator marker. Temporarily provides a visual indication of where an applicator has sprayed. Easily tank mixes with pesticides and nutritional products. Can be utilized through broadcast, backpack or spot treatment applications. TELLTALE BLUE washes off of equipment, clothing and skin with soap and water.

  • Maximizes efficiency and allows for uniform applications
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation
  • Broad use applications - Broadcast applications of soil sterilants, spot spraying brush control and other non crop applications
  • Dissipates under sunlight and/or moisture

Recommended Rates:

Target AreaRate

Food Plots, agricultural production

3-8 oz/25 gallons
Roadside right-of-ways, industrial vegetation2.5-4 oz/25 gallons
Gravel, bare ground1.5-3oz/25 gallons

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